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Millet Village

It is proposed to implement the second phase of the “Millet Village”, a 3 year project which started in the year 2017-18. The Project “Millet Village” is intended for rejuvenating the traditional tribal agriculture in selected hamlets in Attapady.  It will be implemented jointly by Agriculture Department and Scheduled Tribes Development Department.  Apart from production of Millets, Pulses, Oilseeds, Vegetables and Apiculture, it is proposed to start Procurement, Processing, Packing, Labelling and Marketing of value added finished products of millets. Similar projects will be implemented throughout the State in suitable locations. In association with Agriculture Department, site specific packages will be prepared which will include promoting ethnic foodcrops, minor irrigation, soil and moisture conservation, protection from wild animals, agricultural extension services, marketing etc, such plans will be implemented by Scheduled Tribes Development Department in association with Agriculture Department by pooling of resources.


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