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Modernization and Research

  • Modernization of Tribal Development Department

This scheme includes the following activities viz.


  • Providing Training to Officers and staff of ST Development Department.
  • Purchase of computers, tablet PCs, notebooks, computer peripherals, photo copier, printer, Office Furniture like table, chair etc. and providing linkage to computer network in the Directorate and District Offices as per requirement.
  • Development of software, recurring costs of old software and purchase of hardware for starting new e-governance initiatives.
  • Purchase of new vehicles and Construction of new office buildings wherever absolutely needed for efficient field work.
  • Adikala Gramam(Promotion of Art & culture)

         The scheme is implemented by KIRTADS.The components of the scheme includes:

  • Training/workshop                                                                                  
  • Training programme for the Tribal Youth Artists of the State for showcasing their Cultural Life.
  • Tribal Dance workshop of Scheduled Tribe Communities in Kerala
  • Nadankala Mela (folk arts)SC/ST Gadikka (Adi Kala Kendram) etc.

  • Wayanad Gothra Bhasha Kala Padana Kendra(New Scheme)

The rich cultural heritage of tribal communities are to be documented (including language, art forms and oral literature) by descriptive and analytical methodology. Primary and secondary data will be collected through field works, personal interviews, surveys, official records and documented.

  • Infrastructure Facilities to KIRTADS

The following are the components of the scheme.

  • Modernisation of library and museum.
  • Purchase of furniture, amplifier, utensils etc., for the newly constructed training hall and hostel.
  • Grant-in-aid to Kerala Institute for Research, Training and Development Studies (KIRTADS) for SC/ST [50% SS] 

The fund is allocated for  usual function of KIRTADS ie, Training and Research  of Tribal communities. KIRTADS receives no central release in this regard.




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