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The Scheduled Tribes Development department has adopted the following vision for itself; “To evolve educated, skilled, healthy, economically self-sufficient and progressive tribal society through strategic planning and empowerment without altering their cultural values”.Socio-economic development and protection of the Scheduled Tribes people from all kinds of exploitation are the twin objectives of Tribal sub plan.
Hence the Developmental Strategy for Scheduled tribes is focusing on the following areas,


  • Housing scheme: -

A major Programme taken up by the state Government is to provide housing to all scheduled tribes so that there will be no scheduled tribe family without home in the state. It comprises the following four components.

  • Construction of New Houses

It is proposed to assist houseless families to construct new houses. Tribal families who do not have house/shelter will be considered in this scheme.
From 2017-18 onwards the housing scheme will come under the broad umbrella of LIFE MISSION. It envisages a comprehensive housing scheme for all the landless and houseless families. The Mission will also provide financial assistance for the completion of incompleted houses sanctioned before 31.3.2016

  • Completion of Spill over Houses.

Providing assistance for completion of houses sanctioned in previous years (spill over houses) is included in this scheme.

  • Repair of old and dilapidated Houses.

Providing additional rooms and repair of dilapidated houses are proposed under the scheme. Amount will be sanctioned according to the requirements and estimates on a case to case basis with a maximum of Rs.1.50 lakhs.

  • Resettlement of Landless Tribal People [TRDM]

The Tribal Resettlement and Development Mission (TRDM) aims at providing at least one acre of land for a family, subject to a maximum of 5 acres. Resettlement is being done based on a master plan prepared by District Missions Chaired by District Collector and line department officers as members. There are 44 resettlement colonies in the state. The aim of TRDM is distribution of land to landless tribals and providing all other infrastructure facilities such as housing, drinking water, road, electricity etc. and providing self employment schemes (agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy projects etc.) to the resettled tribes.




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