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Samuhya Patanamuri

 (Community Study centre in tribal hamlets)

To create ambience for education in hamlets by setting up community study centre in each hamlet with provision for tuition. One educated tribal youth (men or women) from the same locality will be selected and trained to function as tutor with a honorarium of Rs.10000/- per month, who will work as a facilitator and social worker also. The centre will function in the already existing community hall or similar structures in the hamlet. It is also proposed to provide pucca structures wherever needed. Additional facilities including computer with internet, furniture, reading materials etc. will be provided in each centre for which anticipated expenditure for establishing the centre in the existing structures comes to Rs. 5 lakh., including tutors honorarium/year. The construction cost of new centres would vary with respect to the site conditions. Light refreshment will also be provided to the students.
Based on gender disaggregated data 50 per cent fund will be going to women beneficiaries.

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